Friday, June 4, 2010


Just so you know, this blog post has nothing to do with the card . . . I just whipped it up so you'd have something pretty to look at.  This post is about an email that I got today from a Stampin' Up! demonstrator friend in Canada whom I "met" in an online demo group.  Following is a portion of what she wrote I have a funny story to tell you. The other day my friend Betty was over and we were making cards. I was talking about you and I said to Betty 'doesn't her name sound like a movie star - pronouncing your name Ree-gi-na Annn-da-ree (imagine spoken with a slight French accent). Maybe one day I'll call you so you can hear for yourself. Well, as always, my husband overheard. He comes back with 'Movie Star, sounds more like a mobster' I apologize for the moniker, you are now affectionately known as the movie star/mobster gal around here.  What I found so amusing was the fact that I've been told before that my name has a nice "ring" to it and that it sounds like a celebrity name.  One of my son's doctors used to tell us (during each visit) that every time he saw Chad's name on the chart, he was reminded of a race car driver (Mario Andretti, no doubt) and that Chad had the perfect name for someone famous.  He's definitely mastered the art of speeding!  We don't have a need or desire to be famous, but it never before occurred to me how perfectly suited our names are for being infamous.  LOL!

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Julie said...

OMG Regina!! What a diverse background your family has. Perfect for this economy. Imagine while making a movie you can speed to the set location while smuggling in some hooch. I want to be you when I grow up. LOL
Your French friend from Canada