Thursday, June 3, 2010


FYI . . . I recently added a song to my playlist, "Pray for You," and if you happen to listen to it, don't take it personally--or seriously.  I heard it on the radio a couple of days ago, and Jaron (who sings the song) said that it was intended to be a mean song--all in fun.  He said, "Who hasn't ever had these thoughts?"  Well . . . maybe I have a twisted sense of humor, because the song cracked me up!  If you sometimes feel a mean spirit overtake your body and would like to hear the song, scroll down to the playlist and click on the song title.  And just so you know--I do NOT pray that a flower pot falls from a window sill and hits you on the head.

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momof2boys said...

I have this song downloaded on my iPod. It is hilarious! I can probably think of a few people I have thought these thoughts about. Lol