Thursday, April 12, 2012


I recently purchased this adorable telephone die and coordinating stamp set--just couldn't resist!  I thought they would make cute and simple "hello" cards to send every now and then, although I'm still holding on to these two.  As I was creating these cards, I was reminded of the sounds made by rotary phones--place your finger in the hole over the number, give the dial a spin (swoosh), and then click, click, click as the dial returned to its position so the next number could be dialed.  You had to wait for the dial to make its round before dialing the next number but, fortunately, we didn't have to dial an area code for local calls and sometimes didn't even have to dial but one number of the three-number prefix.  My, oh my, the telephone has come a long way--thankfully!  Remember how the cord would always become a tangled mess?  Sometimes you'd nearly hurt yourself trying to get farther from the phone than the tangled cord would allow or you'd pull the phone off the table or desk.  I would imagine many work days and mornings began with some kind soul dangling the receiver, trying to get the kinks out of that stinkin' cord.  I can remember stretching the cord of my phone at work around my desk to try to keep it from becoming a coiled nightmare.  This worked okay until I had to walk to the file cabinet while on a call.  It sounded like a slingshot when it broke free!  Today I celebrate the invention of cordless, push-button, and cellular phones.  I think of the times when I was a teenager and our telephone was on the wall in the dining room.  There was no walking around for privacy--there was no privacy unless you closed the dining room door (or took one step into the kitchen and folded yourself into the oven), and daddy only thought that the dining room door needed to be closed when mother was playing the piano and he was trying to hear TV.  Of course, I could have been chit chatting on a much-coveted push-button, slimline princess phone in my bedroom, but it was declared that the house only needed one telephone.  Can you imagine a home today with only one telephone?  There's a phone in every room--every pocket in every room might have a phone today, and I guarantee you that there's a box in many closets, basements, or storage buildings full of phones, batteries, and chargers that got tossed to the wayside when the latest and greatest came along, which is about every 12.7 seconds. 


Patrice Herrera said...

Hi There, What a cute Die who makes it? Also Who makes the fun truck Die you had a few weeks ago?
Thanks for sharing these with us

Regina Andari - said...

Thank you, Patrice! The telephone stamp set and die are by MFT, and the truck die is by Sizzix/Tim Holtz.