Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This post has nothing to do with stamping or paper crafts . . . I just wanted to share a picture of Buddy enjoying a delicious T-bone.  While I was visiting my parents and grandmother in Mocksville yesterday, my husband and son went to Longhorn for dinner and, as always, brought a scrumptious leftover for Buddy.  He actually belongs to our neighbor, but we treat him as our own.  We keep a water bowl on the porch for him, and he knows that we have containers of treats at the front and back doors.  Buddy is so loved, and he is such a perfect pet--even if he isn't ours, we love him as if he was. 
ETA:  For the past couple of weeks, we've had another little fellow who seems to enjoy the greenery around the house, and I call him Peter.  Unique name, huh?  BTW, do you know how to catch a unique rabbit?  Unique up on him!  Anyway, he was spotted in front of the porch today, and I was able to get this picture of him.  He's quite a little guy, but he doesn't seem to be afraid of us.

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Sharon said...

That's the best pet to have ... that way you don't have to pay for his shots and upkeep! Before we lived here, we lived in Gig Harbor, WA and had a "Buddy" next door to us except his name was Aston. His parents worked but as soon as they got home and let Aston out, he would make a beeline for our house to "play" with my hubbie. We sure miss him!