Friday, March 21, 2014


There's a story behind this card.  My son recently got a new suit to wear to the funeral of a friend's dad.  Surprisingly, Chad (my son) really, really liked his new suit, which was quite surprising for me because he's such a t-shirt and shorts kind of guy.  When my dad got a new suit recently, Chad needed to send him a card, congratulating him on finally finding a suit that he liked.  It's my understanding that daddy has been looking for a new suit for quite some time and, instead of making a dark blue or black suit card, I chose this colorful, flashy paper for it.  I used the Silhouette Cameo to cut the card and then added some Stampin' Up! Brights Candy Dots for finishing touches.
On the day that Chad and his friends went to the funeral, they stopped for lunch afterwards.  As they were standing outside the restaurant, a man who was on his way in said, "You guys sure do look sharp!  Did someone die?"  Around the same time that the words left his mouth, I think he realized that three young men dressed in suits during the middle of day was an indication that someone had, indeed, passed away, and he obviously knew that he'd stuck his foot (both feet) in his mouth and began apologizing.  Chad and his friends got a good laugh about that, but they also laughed with the man when they told him that yes, someone had died.  I was proud of Chad for being a good friend and actually wanting to offer a supportive presence (along with his other friends) to the one who had just lost his dad.  And I think that my dad really enjoyed getting this flashy Spring suit card!

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Nancy Dawson said...

So clever as always! Love the colors