Saturday, March 15, 2014


Today I'm sharing the easy tutorial for using the Candy Box Punch Board to create a tall candy box with a window.  The finished box, excluding the top closure, is a generous 2" x 4.25".  

Step-by-step instructions are provided on each of the following photos:
Step 1
Cut card stock at 8" x 8.5".  Score at 2, 4, 6, and 8 inches.  Rotate card stock and score at 2" along the bottom.  Cut between the 2" sections along the bottom to create flaps, and cut off the 1/2" x 2" piece on the edge.

Step 2
Line up the score lines with the purple line on the board to determine where to punch the diamond shapes in the paper.  Note:  You'll need to use scissors to cut a half-diamond on the right edge, but this can be done after the box is folded into shape.
Step 3
Turn the board around to access the scallop edge punch.  Center the paper, using the triangle guides on the board, to create a scallop edge at the top center of the scored sections.  This all makes sense when you have the board and can see things better.
Step 4
If desired, use a die to create a window on the front of the box.  Adhere a piece of acetate to cover the window opening.
Step 5
Fold the paper as shown to get ready to assemble the box.  Place adhesive on the 1/2" strip, and then fold the other side of paper onto it.  Use scissors to notch the part of the paper that wasn't punched earlier.  Complete the box by folding and gluing the bottom flaps into place.
The Candy Box Punch Board is available for purchase until 5:00 p.m. EST on March 18th via the bulk buy group for which my samples were made.  If you'd like information about how to order this AWESOME tool, let me know!  Between now and March 18th, I'll have one more tutorial to share for the Hexagon Box/Vase shown below:
The Tall Candy Box and Hexagon Box/Vase are examples of alternate projects that can be created with the Candy Box Punch Board.  To see projects created according to the Candy Box Punch Board's intended design and purpose, see THIS BLOG POST.


Sherry Yeager said...

Is there a way of making the directions easier to read? The small print is hard for me to read.

Regina Andari - said...

I have edited this blog post to include the step-by-step instructions under each photo.

Nancy Dawson said...

Regina - another winner and you have made me want the candy cutter! TFS

Denise Foor said...

Thanks, Regina. Your blog looks great and your project is so cute.