Friday, September 5, 2014


I love trash-to-treasure projects, and that's probably because I hate to throw away anything that seems like it could be a treasure.  Ha!  Somehow I knew that I would one day find a good use for all of the Starbuck's bottles that I have saved, and it's past time to find a good use for them because my son brings them in (unopened, of course, and filled with the beverage that he finds delicious) as if stores give them away.  I have a hard time throwing away glass containers.  I know I could send them to recycle, but . . . I might could also use them myself, right?  My chalk-painted, twine-wrapped bottle was 100% inspired by one that was pictured in a Michael's ad that recently landed in my inbox.  It sent me on a mission to purchase some paint, and choosing two colors (all that I would allow myself to buy) was the absolute hardest part!  I visited my parents and grandmother yesterday and, when I saw the pretty flowers that daddy had brought for me, I knew that I must get a bottle painted and decorated right away.
The photos were taken with my phone, so the quality isn't too good--sorry about that.  This was quite an easy project, though.  I just taped off the area that I didn't want to paint (not too easy to do on a roundish object), put two or three layers of paint, and then lightly sanded a few areas.  Around the top of the bottle, I tied some twine and slipped on a little key charm before finishing with a bow.  Easy peasy!  I'm working on another bottle now that will have a neat feature--if all goes well--and I will share a photo of it when complete.

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