Saturday, May 2, 2015


Moon Lights, wonderful Moon Lights . . . another product being offered until May 6th from Seaside Crafts.  I chose to place them inside a Tim Holtz Assemblage clock for a night light or anywhere that a soft light presence can be enjoyed.  This clock looks very pretty on my mantle with the lights on at night.  The pictures don't do the lights justice, but they shine (and stay cool) perfectly behind the layer of embossed vellum card stock that I used for the front of my clock-less clock.  Across the front, I "ribboned" one of my favorite quotes, which seemed appropriate for the clock project.
The treble clef was die-cut from grunge board and then colored with Hematite and Green Yellow Inka Gold.  You might never know that the underlying color of what began as a very, very smooth silver clock is dark brown.  After brushing Gesso all over the clock, I used the palette knife to apply Texture Paste (quite lumpy in places), and then it survived coats of acrylic paint, more Gesso, ink sprays, more Gesso and acrylic paint, and--finally--covered with Green Yellow Inka Gold with accents of Hematite Inka Gold.  
Even though my clock wasn't to be used as a clock, I decided to give it hour and minute hands.  A Spellbinders die was used to cut the two clock hands, which I placed in a vial and hung with twine from one of the bells.  In the photo below, you can see that the Texture Paste really added a lot of texture to this clock, which was originally very smooth.  The paste dries exactly as you leave it, and all of my working and re-working (and believe me, it was a lot) didn't compromise the texture at all.  You can see traces of my dark brown acrylic paint, but notice how the Hematite Inka Gold gives the appearance that the Green Yellow Inka Gold has worn off in spots over time.  I love that!
And in the photo below, the Moon Lights are on.  It's not easy to tell, though.  :-(  They really do produce a bright, soft light to any corner or space that needs it.  The lights are powered by battery, and the compartment for the battery is quite slim and easy to hide.

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