Friday, May 4, 2018


Today is my nephew's 23rd birthday.  Oh, to be 23 years old again.  There are some things that I wouldn't want to repeat, but it sure would be nice if there was a "take me back" button that we could press--just for a day or two--every now and then.  My 23rd year was one of those that I call my "blur phase", and that phase was a long one.  Ha!  There have been quite a few conversations with my mother and sister that have left me wondering where I was during a certain time and/or why I have no recollection of whatever the event or situation was, so I started calling those times my blur phase.  It's kind of like someone asking you to remember a day when you were 3 years old . . . the memory just isn't there.

Anyway . . . it's Bryson's birthday, and I want to share the card that I made for him.  I tried to make it a design with which he could identify, and I was so pleased when I got a text from him that read, "Thanks for my card!  It's so me!!!"  

It's not the best photo, but this was the best of many that I took!  I have thoroughly enjoyed Stampin' Up!'s True Gentleman designer paper!  I feel like I've used it a lot, but I still have a generous supply.  It's really one of the best masculine collections I've had the opportunity to work with, and I love it.

Shout it with me . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRYSON!!!!


Nancy Dawson said...

What a great masculine card! Love it.

Stasher said...

I love this card! I love z-fold cards in all varieties, I just don't make them very oftrn. Nice work!