Friday, November 23, 2007


For many people, the daunting task of holiday shopping began today . . . really early! I think I joined the "day after Thanksgiving" shopping warriors once before, and it's just not for me. I don't like crowds, and I especially don't like for other shoppers' rush to ruin my day. It can be really cut-throat at malls and department stores, you know? But I will say this . . . it's a GORGEOUS day to be parking a mile away from a store and having to carry heavy bags all the way back to the car, sometimes to unload and go back for more. If you're among the shopping troops today, more power to you!
The real purpose of this post was to share with you another "Time Well Spent" card that I made this week. I am LOVING this stamp set!!! This card, like the other one, is a gate fold, and the two front stamped layers are adhered to opposite "gate doors." This is a really fun card design, and I think my club members will be making a gate fold card soon. I seem to be addicted to them! BTW, can you see the jumbo eyelets on this card? If you haven't tried them yet, you MUST! They are quite awesome! I was afraid they may seem too heavy for this card design, but they added a fair amount of charm.
Whatever you're doing today, I hope things are going your way! I must step away from the computer now and clean out the pantry. Chadrick reminded me last night that the pantry was on my list of things to do yesterday, and we all know that children promptly complete their list of daily chores . . . daily. Right? Watch out for lightening!

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