Monday, December 24, 2007


What a fun day this has been! Earlier this month, we bought this vehicle for Chadrick's Christmas. We felt very lucky to have found one of the few vehicles he liked AND a color that he liked. The hardest part of all was remembering to NOT say anything about it! The funniest part was that the Jeep was parked in our neighbor's driveway, and Chadrick NEVER noticed it! We kept thinking that he'd surely make a comment about "that nice Jeep," but he never did. There was one time when I came pretty close to just handing him the keys and telling him he had a vehicle sitting right outside--that's when he was fussing because he wanted to go to a friend's house, but Fadi was gone in his truck, and I was going shopping and needed the van. Of course, he didn't just want to "go" to the friend's house--he wanted to drive himself there! Anyway, he went on a scavenger hunt today that led to the Jeep, and he was quite shocked at what was waiting after the last clue. He took me for a ride to Walmart this evening--not a really smart thing to do on Christmas Eve--but it was a really fun trip! I'm so happy for Chadrick to have one of his "dream" vehicles, but it's also a gift symbolic of giving him more freedom--letting him go a little more, and that's kind of hard to do. For the past 16 years, he has been my best buddy--my favorite companion. Maybe if I don't try to drive so much from the passenger seat, he'll let me tag along with him from time to time. ;-) I hope everyone who reads this post is having (or has) a Christmas as blessed as mine has already been!

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