Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This is such a neat concept, but it was quite a bugger! Actually, it didn't become a frustrating project until time to put the bottom in place. That took as long as finding the photos, creating the collages, etc.! The interior of this cube is approximately 5.75" square, which is a very good sized storage unit! I didn't invent this project . . . I found it and had to try it! Sometimes I feel like a "one-hit wonder" because my goal is always to make at least one of each interesting project that I find and, sometimes, one is all that I have the desire to make. I hope to work on this one, though, and get it to be a less frustrating project because I'd love to make more of these! Those photo inserts are a very good size and would make perfect mini scrapbook pages! Oh, the possibilities! BTW, all of the photos that I used are oldies, except the ones of Chadrick. In keeping with the black & white theme, I printed the "Chad Collage" in gray scale, too! One side of the cube has a collage of my daddy's old photos, one side is my mother's, the third side (the one shown) is me and my sister, and the fourth side is Chad.

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