Sunday, May 17, 2009


Lifetime Movie Network . . . I love this channel, but I hate how they repeatedly preview upcoming movies as if they only have a couple of previews to run all day--for days! I was sick of the Natalee Holloway movie way before it even aired! I suppose their preview strategy worked because I watched the movie. The same thing happened with "Message in a Bottle" -- total overkill on previews and showings! I should have boycotted that one, but I watched it. Not once, but at least three times! Currently, LMN keeps advertising the upcoming "Do You Know Me?" movie. I want to watch that one, but what bugs me the most about the previews is the quick shot of the newspaper clipping. Each time I see the preview (and I swear that I do NOT sit in front of the TV all the time--it's just usually on), I tell myself that I'm going to read the second line of the headline. And each time, I see "campaigner." (I think that's what it says) Argh!!!!!!! It's like a challenge for me to read that headline and know what it says before the movie airs, and I read the same thing each time! Do you do this, too, or am I the only one with LMN preview psychosis? They're even previewing Natalee's story . . . AGAIN!!!!!! If they don't stop this, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to . . . well . . . keep watching.

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