Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My first "real" job after college was at Blue Cross. My supervisor's name was Celie, and she was a really fun lady from Charleston, SC. I spent many hours just chatting with her (and hiding from my boss), and we enjoyed processing the afternoon mail for our office. As Celie would often say, "It's a go'jus day to carry the mail out. Let's walk slow!" For someone in a management capacity, she sure enabled me to be a slacker on many occasions! She had lived in NC for many, many years but planned to retire to Charleston--which she did. I haven't seen Celie in over 20 years, but I still hear from her from time to time. Two things that Celie always said were, "Is it 4:30 yet?" and "Peter Murphy!!!!" I asked her one time who Peter Murphy was, and she said he was a boy she went to school with. Whenever she would get mad or frustrated, she'd call his name. I thought that was so funny, and I can't believe that I have never forgotten Peter Murphy! Celie's birthday is on June 1st, and I made this card for her this morning. "Bloomin' Beautiful" has been a favorite stamp set of mine, and it is severly stained with my inky love! Celie will probably be impressed that this year's card won't be late. What she won't know is that I chose a special stamp set to make this card for a special person.

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