Monday, May 18, 2009


I was just reading on someone's blog about a time when she was sitting in church, watching a cute little boy on the pew in front of her. His mother didn't know it, but he had brought his shiny cap gun to church that morning. At a quiet moment, the little fellow pulled the trigger, and the loud explosion reverberated in the quiet sanctuary. Even though a puffy cloud of blue smoke circled the mother's head, it was obvious that she was having unloving thoughts at the moment. Reading about this made me sit here and almost cackle! It also reminded me of a time at Honey Baked Ham with Chadrick. I used to really enjoy going out to lunch (or for an after-school snack) with him . . . just the two of us. I'd enjoy it still, but he doesn't crave my company like I do his. Anyway, we were having a sandwich and chips on this particular day but instead of opening the bag of chips the "mature" way, Chadrick proceeded to POP his bag open. And I mean it POPPED--sounded like a shot had been fired! For a very embarrassing split second that seemed much longer, you could have heard a pin drop in the restaurant, and the people looked like someone had pressed the "pause" button as they froze in their tracks. Of course, all eyes fell on the little guy sitting beside me who was pleased with the loud noise he'd made. Opening a bag of chips this way was not allowed in the elementary cafeteria, but I guess it seemed appropriate at Honey Baked Ham. The employees, especially those in the kitchen, didn't seem very humored. You'd think they would be glad to look out into the dining room and realize no one had been shot! After all these years, I think they still don't have employees with a sense of humor there! Of course, I explained to Chadrick why he shouldn't open a bag of chips that way again, at least not in public, but it was a funny moment.

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