Friday, May 29, 2009


Today is a big day in the Andari household . . . Chadrick will graduate this evening! While I've become one of those people who often say, "It seems like only yesterday . . .," I mean it every time I say it! From the time the little fellow was born, it's often been kind of scary (for me) that he's outside the comfort zone and in the real world. Many mothers know the anxiety experienced when leaving a baby at day care, and most mothers have experienced even more anxiety at leaving their "baby" at Kindergarten on the first day of school. Yes, I've been one of those mothers that teachers really don't like, sometimes for more mean reasons than being over-protective. A child's years are simply filled with proud moments and a lot of "mom anxiety." I can't tell you how many times Chadrick has said, "Mom, I'll be fine!" For any new moms reading this post, let me tell you that in your child's first 18 years, the absolute worst anxiety (due to normal occurrences) will be when your child starts driving! You think you've shed tears and harbored fears at the Kindergarten classroom door? Oh, you just wait! (This is another phrase that I've adopted.) On this day, as I sit here thinking that it seems like only yesterday that Chadrick was born, learned to talk, walk and give hugs; used to think that I was the BEST thing in the world, and even when he decided that I was sometimes the enemy, I'm looking forward to the opportunities available to him and seeing what the future holds. So, on this day of pomp and circumstance, I wanted to share the graduation card that I made for Chadrick. Unfortunately, his gift is on order and won't arrive until next week (hopefully), but I've put a picture of it inside the card. Think about me tonight as I watch my "baby" accept his diploma!

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