Friday, May 8, 2009


WHY, WHY, WHY do some people feel that the ONLY way to pick out a tomato is to pierce the skin of most of them with their fingernail?????? This makes me so mad, and I can't help but feel that tomatoes get contaminated when people do this. I mean, seriously . . . a fingernail can trap a LOT of yuck! I like to think that I can wash pesticides and other yuck off of vegetables, but will that wash decontaminate germs that fell off someone's nail and got left in the tomato? This totally disgusts me! If people went around opening cans and jars and sticking their fingers in them, the stores couldn't sell those products so WHY can't better care be given to tomatoes and preventing people from being able to pierce them? Can't a person just gently squeeze the tomato and tell if it's the one they want to take home????? Since I have no fingernails, maybe I just don't understand . . . maybe it's a nailed person's rite of passage or something. Whatever it is that makes someone do this, they should stop.

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