Thursday, January 21, 2016


Earlier this month, all of my family gathered at my house to celebrate my husband's birthday.  I gave my great-nephew (who is 6 y/o) two $1 bills because he *LOVES* money.  I mean . . . the sweet little guy has been saving dollars for quite some time, and it's the cutest thing to see how his face lights up when he counts his wealth.  One of these days, I think he'll literally be rolling in mountains of bills!  Anyway . . . hours after everyone had left my house (after the buckets of rain stopped), I was walking down the driveway to the  mailbox and spied something lying on the ground.  That something turned out to be a one-dollar bill.  Oh, poor Campbell . . . it looked like he probably dropped a dollar while rushing to get into the vehicle in the pouring rain.  I laid the dollar out to dry and, in the mean time, I started thinking of what kind of card to make so I could send the dollar to Campbell.  When I came across a web site that showed how to make a heart-shaped fold from a dollar bill, I thought that would be a fun way to send it! 
I heard from my niece yesterday that the money was well-received, but Campbell was really confused as to the occasion for which he was receiving a card with  money (yes, I wrote a note in the card).  It seems that the balloons on the card were interpreted as celebratory (which they normally are) for an occasion such as a birthday, so he was trying to figure out if he had a birthday coming up soon.  I guess the heart-shaped money could have given the impression that it was a Valentine's treat, or  maybe his great-aunt just doesn't know how to send a dollar in the mail without prompting lots of questions.  LOL  This is the card:
Campbell probably thought that I didn't even know how to fold a card, but at least I know how to mail one . . . and didn't forget to include a dollar.  :-)

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