Tuesday, January 5, 2016


During the last several years when I visited my grandmother, I always got a wee bit excited when she'd ask me to either take something to or get something from her basement.  She didn't seem to mind that a quick trip downstairs would end up as a fun stroll--an exploration--for me.  I loved walking around in her basement looking at old, packed away things.  I didn't stir in anything--just looked at what was in clear view.  I have a lot of memories of times spent in her basement--my memories and memories of time that she spent down there, too.  She did a lot of crafting there, and I did a lot of playing.  It was really cool in the basement and sometimes, when I would get too warm upstairs, I'd just go sit on the steps in the basement and fan myself.  I was often tempted to just fling my face against the cold concrete floor, but I always managed to resist.  Recently, my parents, sister, and I started the process of going through (what I call) the basement treasures, and I was excited to put two Ekco Ovenex "the new baking metal" pans in a box of things to bring home.  This is how I upcycled the pans:
Although I brought a clear vase to use as a pedestal, I decided at the last minute to use the clear Boost (nutritional beverage) bottle instead.  Mamaw drank Boost, and my mother had cleaned some of the bottles two summers ago so we could use them as vases to hold gorgeous bouquets of wildflowers from daddy's garden, and they've been very handy for that purpose!  Since the bottle originated from mamaw's house, it seemed fitting to use this one for the pedestal.  I used E6000 adhesive to attach the three pieces together, and this handy vintage upcycled project will now be put to work on my stamping table.

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