Wednesday, October 14, 2020


 Tomorrow is aunt Betty's birthday, and this is the triple cube pop-up card that I made for her:

She had to have something special, right?

Decorating all of the panels on this card was so much fun, and I fell in love with it again and again along the way.

It's too bad that the flowers on the die-cut cake didn't coordinate with the designer paper, but I at least tried to make sure the coloring was a close match.

Aunt Betty loves flowers, and I suspect that she'll enjoy looking at this card.  I hope so!  Afraid that she might have a bit of trouble figuring out what to do with the card, I included a photo that showed how it should be unfolded and displayed.

Sing "Happy Birthday" to Betty.  And have a cupcake, too!

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NancyDawson said...

Amazing! You are so talented.