Tuesday, October 6, 2020



I recently received a Chalk Couture order that included Pumpkin Cutouts (which you can see HERE or at the bottom of this post).  While they looked so smooth and pretty right out of the box, I was anxious to put some stain and paint on the tall one.  I had a design in mind, and it was 100% inspired by a pumpkin that one of my team leaders had created.  She had used images from the September Club Couture transfer ("Fall Blessings") in such a unique way, and I fell in love with it.  Following is a photo of the transfer:

Unless you have worked with Chalk Couture's products, you may not understand the thrill.  The good news is . . . there's a fix for that!  Do yourself a favor and visit my web site to see all that Chalk Couture has to offer.  While my pumpkin took some time, effort, and supplies, I normally just grab one of my framed chalkboards and some Chalk Paste when I'm ready to create a festive decoration.

And just for your viewing pleasure, following is a photo of the Pumpkin Cutouts as they arrived--naked and ready for dressing up:

Aren't they adorable?  I haven't completed the smaller pumpkin yet, but I'll either paint it or use one of background transfers to decorate it.

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NancyDawson said...

Great Fall Decoration!