Friday, October 16, 2020


For most of my life, I had z-e-r-o interest in sewing or anything that required a needle and thread.  It seemed comical when I brought a sewing machine into my stamp/craft room years ago, but it was purchased for the sole purpose of sewing on cardstock.  I didn't do much of that because I knew I'd have to watch a video many times (or refer to the instruction manual) if the machine ran out of thread.  I knew nothing about sewing machines, and I didn't really care to learn.  Since getting my sewing corner set up several weeks ago, I have really enjoyed a few small sewing projects.  With each project, there have been certain tools that just needed to be out and within reach.  Thinking about how to have them within reach without having to dig around to grab what I needed, I thought it would be perfect to have a base that I could just stick them into that would keep them upright and a bit separated.  I ended up filling my wool basket with BBs.  See how perfect it is?

In the bottom of the basket, there's approximately 1" of tiny rubberbands.  I needed a few more BBs but, instead of buying more, I just used something that I had that provides a perfect cushioning and lifts the BBs closer to the top of the basket.  So far, I am LOVING this tool basket, and it seems to be taking care of my tools.

When I decided that I wanted a sewing corner in my stamp/craft room, I had a big interest in making projects that could be started and finished rather quickly, as well as projects for which I had a real need.  The same type of projects that first sparked my interest in stamping were kind of the same that sparked my interest in sewing.  I couldn't stop making boxes and 3D items when I was a new stamper, and suddenly I was looking for all kinds of baskets and zippered pouches/bags to sew!  Of course, it would be ideal to have a zipper foot when sewing zippers, but I have to do the best I can without one.  Following are a few projects that I've made.  Don't judge too harshly--I know that my sewing is far from perfect.

Below is the first zippered pouch that I made, and I was sooooooo proud that the zipper looked okay and worked perfectly.  The fabrics used on this project (exterior, lining, and strap) are retired from Stampin' Up!.  The pouch was substantially larger than what I had in mind, so I had to make another (smaller) one:

The smaller triangle pouch is approximately 3.25" or 3.5" on all sides, and it's really cute.  I don't know if I somehow pinched the zipper before taking the photo, but it looks normal in real life:

And then there's the popcorn pouch:

I was nervous and excited to make this pouch, and it's such a nice size.  This was my first project with binding, and there was a hiccup or two:

So this has been a little sewing update.  As for the tool basket, there are probably a lot of items that could have been used but, if you need a similar basket and don't have the perfect filler on hand, try BBs!

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Debbie said...

I LOVE these! I do have an old portable Kenmore I got for Christmas decades ago. Mostly for mending, but also costumes and Cabbage patch doll clothes for my now-a-grandmother step-daughter! I seldom use the machine even for mending (although recently I repaired a much-loved duvet cover). I purchased a book on basic and gradually advancing simple sewing projects and pinned several for "that day" when I start another hobby. Your sweet pouches are an inspiration!