Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I spent some time last night adding some new songs to my playlist, but I wasn't really searching for anything in particular. I really like all kinds of music. There are days when I'd probably choose all Fleetwood Mac songs for my playlist. I think we all can remember a particular time in our life that was heavily influenced by music--in our memories. My cousin (Teresa) and I used to ALWAYS listen to Fleetwood Mac whenever we were driving around, cruising, or whatever. There was also a time when it was highly likely that Kenny Rogers and Dottie West blasted from the 8-track, but I couldn't find my favorite song from that time. The title/lyrics are, "I feel sorry for anyone who isn't me tonight." That is a GREAT song!!!! Find it and listen to it if you've never heard it! Chances are, you have just forgotten about it if you're over the age of . . . 30ish. Ha!
In this picture, you see me and Teresa (I'm the tall one with the really cute hair cut) on the first day of school, waving goodbye to our mothers. Who knew that sometime during that school year I'd suffer the consequences of not "following along" and have the living daylights shook out of me by grumpy Ms. Brannon!! That woman scared me badly! I was timid/shy anyway, and I can tell you firsthand that it is dang near impossible to sit rigid in a chair while someone's old and mad hands are using your shoulders to shake the daylights out of your head as it is flung back and forth into next week! I'm glad Ms. Brannon's teaching era was "way back then" because she'd be kicked to the curb today!
Good cousin/bad cousin . . . some of you have met my cousin, Dena, at some of my stamping events. Dena is/was the good cousin. Now, you shouldn't think that Teresa is a bad person--she's not. I call her the bad cousin because she was a little more on the wild side than Dena. Well, a lot more. We spent so much time together, but there were times at school when it was dangerous to be near Teresa because the principals were ALWAYS watching for her to make sure she was still on school grounds--and in class. Seriously! Mr. Suiter probably STILL remembers the number of Teresa's parking space! Teresa lived close to me, and we were together much more often than Dena and I, but there were times when I didn't "hang out" with Teresa because some of her other friends were what I called "really wild!" You couldn't even walk sideways through the halls at school with that group without being under close supervisory scrutiny! Whew! Those were the days! I remember one time during our senior year . . . it was a gorgeous sunny day--not too hot, not too cool--PERFECT! Teresa and I decided that we didn't need to be at school all day because it was just too pretty to be confined by cinder block walls. I think a book report was due that day, too, and we just needed another day to complete (translated to mean "start") the project. Anyway, we went to a couple of classes before we called it a day. Once we left the school, we weren't exactly sure where to go because we lived in a really small town and if your parents didn't see you, you could guarantee that someone you knew would just happen to run into you or see you driving by. So, we chose the only hidden corner of Mocksville where no one would go . . . the little drive at Rich Park by the tennis courts that ended up at the trash dumpsters. Yes, indeed, the "perfectness" of that day that prompted us to just go enjoy it was spent parked in front of those smelly dumpsters! Who cared?!? We rolled the windows down, opened the doors, and propped our feet through the open windows and listened to Kenny and Dottie. I'm sure we must have had conversation and laughter (we always did!), but the music and the mood (can't even remember a smell from the dumpsters!!!!) is what got etched in my memory with the bad cousin that day. At the time, there was a little overshadowing of possibly getting caught, but I'm thankful for that day! How many of us can look back on our life and remember such a perfect day--even if it was just a couple of hours, until time to get home from school? Teresa and I had so many fun times, but I can't look back on our youth and exactly label us as . . . totally reliable. ;-) We kind of went whichever way the wind blew. I think Teresa must have been as ADD as me because we sure got side-tracked . . . a lot! During our junior year, we were on the yearbook staff and were supposed to be out selling ads. We had our priorities in order, alright! We spent most of the time goofing off . . . until we "had" to buckle down and get something sold. We would go to a restaurant and end up eating instead of selling. We'd pull in the parking lot of a manufacturing plant, discuss who would do the talking inside, not come to an agreement, and just leave. Ah, yes. I feel sorry for anyone who wasn't us back then!
So, stay a while and listen to some of my music selections. Maybe you'll find one that speaks to you! ;-)

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