Saturday, March 8, 2008


I am so proud of myself! Ever since I've had my Cricut Expression and the DesignStudio software, I haven't had time to sit down and really study either--the machine or the software. The machine has been super easy to use; however, I have wanted to explore all the creative options available to me with the software. Today, I decided to try to design something. Now, when you buy the software, you can only install it on one computer, so I installed it on the notebook that sits on the Cricut table and is connected to the machine. But . . . that notebook is small and hard to see, so I installed a trial version of the software on my PC. What this means is that I can design whatever I want on my PC, save the design, and then open it on the notebook and actually cut the design. I decided that I'd like to try to design a window cut on a box or a bag. I used the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge that already had a "shopping bag" image for me to use, and I chose a flower image on that same cartridge to place where I wanted a floral-shaped window on my bag. I placed the flowers where I wanted them but wasn't sure if they'd be cut windows or what. Much to my surprise, I did it!!!!! I designed the size shopping bag that I wanted WITH a window in the shape of a flower!!!! This may not be big news for you, but it's HUGE for me! You can't tell from the picture, but I have placed acetate on the inside of the bag behind each floral window so whatever goes in the bag won't fall out. Because I wasn't sure my design would cut as planned, I used scrap card stock that had some stamping on what is now the inside of the bag. Still, I decorated the bag as if it was perfect. I used the "Priceless" stamp set with Pretty in Pink and Pink Passion Classic inks.

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