Sunday, February 15, 2009


No tricking here . . . just a superdeeduper EASY card! Well . . . three of them, actually. Two of these were made for a swap (no peeking, Laura and Kathryn!), and the third one is for me. This "Tulipe" die is one that Sizzix created exclusively for SU, and it is so gorgeous!!!!!!! On my cards, I just let the die cut the design from the card stock, but the cut-out pieces can be used to "self-place" the pieces with as much spacing as you want which makes it a very suitable die for home decor projects! I want to try this one with fabric sometime. Can't you just picture it on a pillow or a wall-hanging? I have some Swarovski crystals that would be perfect to decorate it and maybe give it a beaded trim. I'll have to wait until my sister is here so she can . . . well . . . do most of the work since she sews and I don't. She'll be so thrilled with my plan! ;-)

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