Saturday, April 25, 2009


It's prom night! I guess you can tell by the keys in hand that Chadrick really didn't have time for this pose! In case you're wondering about the missing boutonnière, he kind of refused to wear a flower! Ha! He cleans up nicely, huh? ETA: Each prom attendee received a gift, which I thought was a nice thing! When I went to prom (eons ago), there were no gifts--we just untied the horse, climbed into the buggy, and took the dusty trail toward home. Chadrick brought home a glass beer mug and a champagne glass. They were very pretty, but isn't it an odd gift--one that might encourage underage drinking? LOL! I just have to laugh about this! Last year, some students were in trouble for showing up drunk, and this year they received a vessel to hold their poison! If I had given these items, I'm sure I would have been a parent in trouble. During Kindergarten, Chadrick was in trouble for showing his belly button in class. During his senior year, the school gives him a beer mug for attending prom. I'm confused, but I find hilarity in this!

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