Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This Saturday, I'm hosting my family to celebrate my daddy's birthday and Easter. Each time the family comes to my house, I like to have some sort of treat for them. I think that's because my parents usually have a treat for me when I visit them. As a matter of fact, I have a little basket on the countertop by the back door at their house, and it's always fun to enter the house and see what's in the basket. I guess that's the child in me that refuses to grow up. Sometimes, when I'm really lucky, there will be a note telling me to look in the closet--that means my treat is too big for the basket! So, I guess a part of me likes to plan little surprises, too! These bunny baskets aren't anything wowish, but they're kinda cute, huh? My grandmother will love the Lindt truffles--they're her favorite flavor (mine, too!). Each couple will have to share a basket, and the kids each have a different kind of treat. On Friday, I'm going to attempt to make what should be a super cute cake. If the cake turns out like it should, I will definitely post a picture of it!

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Sharon Field / Created By You said...

These are just too cute!! I'm sure your Dad loved his bunny treat too!