Monday, April 20, 2009


Did you wonder if I'd left planet Earth? I think I've set a record for longest time between posts, and I'm not happy about it! Life has been very strange for the past week, and there were moments when my rollercoaster ride took me to hell and back but I held on! I guess the devil will have to shake a little harder to set me loose! I won't go into all of the long, drawn out details, but I hosted my family at a very fun birthday and Easter celebration, and then Chadrick made plans to go to Holden Beach with his friends during Spring Break. It was hard enough to grant permission for that trip, especially when the plans got changed, rearranged, and deranged all in the same day! That was also the same day that my DH flew to New York. I know he struggled with being so far away while Chadrick was going out of town, but I packed my feelings neatly and took a little trip out of my mind. I realized that it had been almost 18 years since I was really alone in the house, and can you imagine how odd that felt? You've heard the question of whether a falling tree makes a sound in an empty forest? Well, my house makes sounds when no one is here but me--sounds that I'd never heard (or noticed) before. And I'm sure I didn't just imagine that someone was standing on the patio looking into the living room through a window that I have never covered! I managed to unfreeze myself to find out if the blinds on that window were still drawn to the top of the window frame, and I was relieved to find that they were. I lowered them quickly, expecting them to be so brittle that they'd crumble! Instead, the only incident was dust! Goodness! Can you imagine how much dust had accumulated on them? Those blinds have been here since we bought the house but, instead of taking them down, I just parked them in an out-of-sight position--forever. Chadrick made it to the beach and home again safely, so my prayer vigils worked! During this weekend, he and some friends decided that they'd be going to the prom. He went yesterday to see about renting a tux, and can you say $142???? Did you flinch when you read that? I think that's normal. This boy of mine has suddenly gotten expensive . . . both to my pocket and my mental health. Oh, and the other "happening" is that my internet seems to have packed a bag and is enjoying some intermittent vacation time. I have a couple of pictures (projects) that I'd like to post to my blog, but the computer that has the pictures is the one that has the vacationing internet. You know, this is not the typical kind of life that I lead. It's been one thing after another, and I have been asking myself how in the world does my sister live like this all the time? Speaking of my sister, she spent the weekend with me and we had fun! She was going to plant some flowers and pull some weeds for me, but we shopped instead. That was GOOD!!!!! I'm pretty sure there is no better therapy than shopping, particularly without a list! So, have you had as much fun lately?

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