Saturday, May 8, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, Renee and I set out on a mission--one which required experience that neither of us possessed.  We took with us what I would call a blank slate or, in other words, not one iota of a plan other than to purchase an assortment of flowers (no color in mind) and a vessel in which to arrange them (again, nothing in mind).  Our mother had requested a rather large floral arrangement for Mother's Day, and all we knew was that it needed to be pretty.  That would seem like an easy, open-ended request, but it was bit too open-ended for Renee and I.  Throw into the mix the fact that Renee and I are very different and like different things.  The only thing we agreed on was the store where our mission would begin.  We must have spent three hours in that store as we filled the shopping cart with an extreme variety of flowers of all colors.  Good Lord!  The employees probably wondered if we really planned to purchase all of those flowers and, if we didn't, would we dare put them back where we had found them.  After the cart was so full that we could no longer add more flowers, we found an empty aisle in which to lay them all out to make our final decisions, which included the color scheme.  So you're probably envisioning two flower arrangement amateurs, surrounded by a BUNCH of flowers, but you should also envision us as tired and hungry!  We began the selection process with the largest flowers and then "built" the arrangement from there.  Somewhere along the way, we decided that none of the containers we'd selected were "right," and we opted for the watering can which, by the way, I decorated with a vinyl silhouette of two little girls.  Both sides of the can were decorated since we weren't sure where the front of the arrangement would end up.  After much deliberation, our final selections were made, and we left the store. 
BTW, we did NOT return all of the unwanted flowers to the proper place.  Huge apologies to the craft store employees!!!!  Finally, back at my house, we set about arranging after looking at each other and asking, "Where do we start?"  We laughed a lot, cussed a little, and had so much fun.  We got a fair amount of exercise stepping back and walking around to look from another angle.  We even discussed how this arrangement would be transported and how I would keep the dust off of it for two weeks.  Yikes!  The last step was to find a place for the Cardinal.  Mother loves them, so we knew we'd have to find a place for it.  Assuming that she might want to do some re-arranging, we opted to not secure the bird with glue.  I delivered this arrangement to mother on Friday, where Renee and I removed the huge garbage bag that had protected it from dust.  It looked pretty good, and I got the impression that mother loved the flowers.  Of course, we couldn't identify some of them, but they're pretty!

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