Thursday, May 20, 2010


Look closely.  Do you see the bush? 

Yesterday, as I was going to the car, I noticed not one, but TWO bushes that I had not yet noticed this Spring.  That wouldn't be a very big deal except for the fact that these bushes are taller than me!  How could I have missed them?????  It's not as though they're on the side of the house where I never go--they're right beside the driveway!  BTW, the top of the car that you see in the picture is NOT the car that I drive--I park to the right of that one.  Anyway, we used to have a row of really tall trees and a few Azaleas where the bushes now grow, but most all of that was cut down last year.  At first, I thought these bushes were weeds that had been allowed to grow too tall, but the foliage on this bush looks like a plant . . . something intentionally planted.  But then . . . what do I know?  If this bush is a weed, it's a pretty one!  If it's a desirable, flowering plant, I suppose the trees kept choking and stunting its growth and now it's thriving.  If you know what it is, do tell.  I asked my husband last night if he'd noticed the "new" bushes, and he just looked at me like I was crazy.  If you ask me, he's the crazy one because he could have claimed that he planted them for me for Mother's Day and was hurt that it took me this long to notice!

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