Saturday, November 12, 2011


My 3D Countdown Calendar
Last night, I had a 3D Countdown Calendar class with some great friends!  They each completed the decoration of the 3D calendars, which required a LOT of thought as to which designer papers to use and which little drawer to place them on.  I was amazed at how different each person's project turned out--they were all gorgeous works of art--and I wanted to share the photos with my blog visitors.  Remember . . . click on the photos if you'd like to open a larger view.

  Amber's Calendar

  Arlene's Calendar

  Joanne's Calendar

  Jane's Calendar

  Renee's Calendar

Each of these ladies took home another 3D Countdown Calendar (or two or three), so they're going to re-live the fun of decorating this project!  Thank you, ladies, for a fun evening!

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Julie said...

Excellent class idea. Wish I could have been there.