Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today I'm sharing a layout that I designed two months ago for my scrapbook club because it features a picture which includes my mamaw C who passed away yesterday morning.  On page one, my sister and I share the spotlight in a rare photo with both sets of grandparents, and mamaw C is on the left.  Following is what I posted on Facebook yesterday:

     She was a sweet woman--a gentle soul--and when she laughed, it was almost like a mischievous giggle.  She was a great cook, and her sweet tea was to die for.  She let me eat from the sugar bowl that she kept on the table, and she didn't mind if I stole a biscuit, still steaming-hot from the oven.  I later learned to appreciate that she wouldn't let me try that cocoa-looking stuff that she'd pour into the round metal lid and then pour behind her lip.  Her memories left her too soon and, this morning, she left us.  I know that Heaven and my mamaw are celebrating on this day.

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Ariel said...

Regina, my heart and prayers are with you and your family. I saw your FB post, and meant to send you a note of sympathy.
I know you're sad to have lost your mawmaw, but think about how much fun she will be having celebrating Christmas with the Angels and Christ in Heaven!
*hugs to you*