Tuesday, November 8, 2011


If you're thinking that my birthday cake looks a lot like a Halloween cake, you're right.  I made it for a Halloween family get-together/party and didn't know that it was going to be a surprise birthday party for me.  When my mother mentioned having the party and that we'd all dress in costume, I wanted to make the cake so I could get more practice.  How many birthday cakes have you made for yourself?  Ha!  This cake turned out to be quite a challenge.  I ended up baking a total of 5 layers, but two of them didn't turn out well, and I ended up using the best two of the five layers for my cake.  Now you know why I needed the practice.  I used the Cricut Cake machine to cut the decorations--the witch, crow, and letters were cut from Wilton Sugar Sheets, and the tombstones were cut from gum paste--all edible product.  As you can tell from the black specks on the cake, I originally had black tombstones but changed to the purplish-gray ones.  The cake didn't end up looking exactly as I had wanted, but it was delicious!  In case you're wondering, the small white cake with the witch on it is supposed to be a full moon.  ;-) 


Sharon said...

That's more work than I would put into a cake!! Glad you had a great birthday. My friends did a surprise Halloween/birthday party for me many years ago. The idea was for us all to dress in costume. Well, the joke was on me - I was the only one dressed!!

Ariel said...

cool cake, Regina. I got the moon reference with the flying witch. Great imagination!