Monday, October 7, 2013


Happy Monday!  I have spent the past two days (and nights and wee hours) re-organizing, purging, and cleaning my stamp room.  Well, not cleaning just yet--cleaning out is more accurate.  What started it all?  A storm door.  My stamp room used to be a garage, so there wasn't ever a storm door in here.  For quite a few years, on the rare occasion when the temperature would be just right, breezy, and no pollen, I have wished for a storm door so that I could raise the windows (on the opposite side of the room from the door) and enjoy a pleasant cross-breeze.  I finally got the door (love, love, love it), but there was a huge price to pay . . . the handy cart that has blocked the door for years had to move, which meant cleaning out and moving a LOT of other things.  The cart that had blocked the door held several very handy and useful gadgets/tools beside my desk, so this activity has required a LOT of thinking, moving, trying, moving again, etc.  At the moment (it's after 5:00 a.m.), it looks like a fierce wind has turned this place upside-down.  My goal was to have the room looking much better by now because I'm expecting a Stampin' Up! order today and really want to work on some projects.  Today's MISM project is a card that I literally threw together using found items.  The paper isn't from Stampin' Up!, but the ribbon, punches, brad, stamp set, and pearl jewels are.  Does that sentence even make sense?  I really liked this little card and hope that you do, too.  And now I wish I had a big box that I could just toss stuff in to clear this room (and my head), but I'd have to go buy a refrigerator to get the right size box for the job.

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Julie said...

I like it, I like it!!