Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I knew this day would come, but still I'm not ready for it. Chadrick got his drivers' license today! We were both really dreading the process after the horrible experience at the Lincolnton DMV last week, but the longer drive to the Maiden DMV made a HUGE difference! The word "difference" seems to be quite an understatement because the Maiden office was absolutely NOTHING like that sleazy, depressing, worthless, crappy Lincolnton office! Can you tell that I have an extreme dislike for the Lincolnton DMV? Our experience today was so pleasant--and quick--that Chadrick and I were both in a state of disbelief. The Maiden office was big and clean, there was no waiting in a hot hall, we were treated politely, and Chadrick's driving test was super simple. He was much more at ease in Maiden--unintimidated--and don't we all know what a difference that makes? Now, there's a chance that the person who "helped" us last week in Lincolnton may have taken offense to something I said (not to her, but she overheard), but whatever! I've already cast imaginary spells against her and predict that she'll be a miserable louse for as long as she works in that dreary office. Last Monday, I was reminded of a boss I used to have. He was quite a character and it was hard to believe that he ever worked with the public. He said that whenever he had to visit clients and, basically, take a lot of verbal crap as they complained about the company, he would always be as pleasant as possible and NEVER let them know that they had squashed his last nerve. After he stepped outside, though, and was headed to his car, he would say, "Son of a -----, I hope you die!" I have to admit that I, too, have had to use his phrase a time or twenty, and it's almost as good as a working voodoo doll! This milestone in Chadrick's life had a rocky start, but everything turned out positive today. For that, I'm very grateful! Let's just hope I've told him all he needs to know--and that he's been listening!

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