Saturday, October 27, 2007


Chadrick was looking for a receipt and other stuff that came with a part he ordered for his paintball gun, and I had put it in my purse but couldn't remember
what I did with it when I took it out of my purse. That's a normal occurrence, right? I looked in a few places and then told him to go look on my dresser since I may have "unloaded" there. He came back in a few minutes, with a stern look on his face, showed me a bag he'd found and said, "Just what is this? I'm very disappointed in you!" He was partly joking, but still unsure of what was in the bag. I started laughing and told him that it was a gift from the girl where I tan. Earlier this month, they had gone to a show for the indoor tanning industry and, obviously, a lot of vendors were there, giving out free samples, so the shop owner was sharing with her customers. I told Chadrick that he had not uncovered a secret stash and that the two-pocket zippered pouch contained several samples of tanning lotion. He checked it out and was relieved, somewhat. Now, he and I need to talk about that ring tone on his cell phone. It rang last night, and this is what I heard, "Roll, roll, roll your joint, take out the seeds and stems . . ." Once again, they put unpleasant lyrics to the nicest music! And he was concerned about my little green leaf????

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