Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I'm sure you've felt stupid before, but how long has it been? For me, it actually happens quite often, but I had one of those moments today. Well, it actually started about two weeks ago when I put on a new shirt that had been freshly laundered. This was a brand new shirt that I was sure would become a favorite. It's a gauzy fabric that has a fair amount of "give" to it--the kind that feels like you're not wearing anything. And . . . best of all . . . I got it for like $12 at Dress Barn. When I put the shirt on, I was so angry because it had drawn up! And I didn't even put it in the dryer!!!! WTH? I didn't throw it away, though, I just threw it in the closet. For the past week or so, I have continued to look at that shirt each time I went in the closet for something to wear, getting mad all over again because I wanted to wear THAT shirt! Today, I tried on several shirts and didn't like any of them, which was making me kind of mad. So, I picked up the new shirt with the intention of putting it on . . . just to see if it looked as bad today as I remembered. Or maybe I just wanted to top off my frustration with something REALLY frustrating. Shrunk clothes never unshrink, so it was still shrunk and shriveled-looking. Argh!!!! In my heightened frustration, I just started pulling on this shirt to make matters worse but then I noticed . . . it was actually unshrinking!!!!! OMG!!!! Why didn't I think of this before . . . gauzy fabric does that . . . it wrinkles, shrinks, and then the shrinkage just disappears when you put it on. I am so loving this shirt today!!! I could be mad that I've wasted time kicking it around in the closet when I could have been wearing it, but I'm just thankful that some old knowledge finally came to the forefront of my brain.
The moral of the story: It is often during times of great distress that we discover that which has once before been discovered. [slap forehead with palm of hand]

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