Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Late last week, a fellow demonstrator put out a "RAK Request." In case you don't know, a RAK is a Random Act of Kindness. In the stamping world, a RAK request is when you're asked to make a special card for a special person in the midst of special circumstances, and it's a RAK because you gladly make the card, fill it with hugs, and send it on its way to someone you don't know and will, most likely, never meet. The RAK that was requested last week was for a girl named Holly who has leukemia. Holly graduated from high school last year and should be having the time of her life, but she's barely clinging to life as the leukemia is winning the battle. So, so sad!!! The demonstrator who requested the RAK is a friend of Holly's aunt, so I made two RAK's . . . one for Holly and one for her aunt. Being a little short on time and wanting to get these cards mailed ASAP, I cheated and used a fun Cuttlebug embossing folder technique. When you say your prayers, try to remember this special girl, Holly, and her family. We'll never know them or meet them, but I'm sure we can all whisper a prayer for them.

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