Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I recently got SU's Tabletop Paper Cutter and LOVE it!!! It is a guillotine-style cutter that is proving to make precision cuts without fraying the card stock. It has a safety blade, which is good news for me since I normally manage to slice myself with most anything bladed! The plastic guide that you see beside the blade is what keeps your fingers out of the way, but it also keeps your card stock or paper from slipping out of alignment. A very neat feature of this cutter is that the measuring arm and the handle (at the end of the blade) can be easily removed and placed in the storage area under the cutter! Because I'm not without limitations, I had some trouble with the distance between the silver measuring guide on the "ledge" above the cutting base and the card stock lying on the base. I'm used to having the measuring guide ON the cutting base and felt that I really needed it there, particularly when making eighths and sixteenths cuts. I read somewhere that it was recommended to sit while using this cutter because it made it easier to line up the card stock with the correct measure, but the little voices in my head tell me to stand and be in charge of that guillotine! My wonderful husband found the neatest measuring tape that reads from right to left AND had an adhesive back, so I just laid it in place and now have the perfect cutter! How sweet it is!!!!!

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Deb B (Debadoo) said...

Wow, I just happened to see this. Since this post is over 3 years old, it's not likely I'll find one, but do you recall where your DH found the nifty measuring tape with the adhesive back? I have the same problem with my eyes, and usually have to go back to my fiskars for anything less than 1/4 and I have trouble with those sometimes.
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