Thursday, May 22, 2008


One of my customers is "expecting" her first grandchild, and she's heading out of town on Saturday for the baby shower. I wanted to do something for her--for the baby--and decided to decorate a paint can since I have right many of them in my stash! No, I didn't use SU paper because I didn't have anything "babyish," but I did use SU ribbon and stamps. I used the Cricut to cut "sweet pea" and the green pea, and I used SU's "Nursery Necessities" stamp set to create the card. I immediately saw some things that I should have done differently, and I hate that this gift isn't perfect but . . . maybe next time. Obviously, the can is full of baby items, and I will place a note in the can and suggest that the mommy-to-be use the can to hold/collect/store quick notes about the baby . . . something precious that he did (shouldn't take long to fill the can with that), record/date some of the important milestones, etc. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE A PAINT CAN, I HAVE SEVERAL THAT WOULD LOVE A CHANGE OF SCENERY. ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU PAY WHAT I PAID . . . $7. THESE CANS ARE VERY NICE . . . MATTE WHITE SURFACE THAT'S PERFECT FOR PAINT, INK, DECOUPAGE, ETC. BEST OF ALL, THE HANDLES CAN BE EASILY REMOVED TO MAKE IT EASIER TO DECORATE THE CAN. THEY MAKE GREAT GIFT PACKAGING AND REALLY ARE SUPER EASY TO DECORATE!

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