Saturday, October 6, 2018


A couple of weeks ago, I asked my husband if "we" had a scroll saw.  I was hoping that we had one that I could try but, since that didn't pan out, I asked him to buy one.  After he and my son gave some instruction and pointers on how to use it, I started practicing some cuts.  Mostly, I worked on cutting a straight line and some curves before going straight to the challenge of cutting a stocking.  I still need lots of practice--am a bit too skilled at breaking blades--but I have so many things that I want to cut!  I'm excited to share my decorated stocking . . . 

After sanding and staining the wood, I used the following Chalk Couture products to decorate it:

Garden Herb Chalkology Paste
Candy Apple Red Chalkology Paste
Shimmer Silver Couture Ink
The Adventure Begins Chalk Transfer
Mini Holiday Icons Chalk Transfer
Mistletoe Chalk Transfer (not currently available)

It's difficult to see the shimmer on the snowflake and the text, but the Shimmer Silver Couture Ink looks so nice!

Want to know more about the Chalk Couture products?  Check out the following links:


Stasher said...

Very cute decoration and inagine all the creative pieces you'll come up with as you develop your skills!

Nancy Dawson said...

Many, many years ago I had a band saw, sander, table saw & drill press. I used to do a lot of wood working but when we moved I gave up that 'hobby'! You did a beautiful job especially on your first attempt! You are truly blessed and multi-talented!