Tuesday, October 9, 2018


When the family was cleaning out my grandmother's house (written about in this post), we each found enough "treasures" to fill (or overfill) our own homes.  If you've been through this process, then you already know that it takes a lot of time to process and integrate those precious findings into your home--or change, purge, rearrange, etc. to make room for treasures that you want to see/enjoy on a daily basis.  I still have quite a lot to go through, but one item that has been sitting in my bedroom, waiting to get cleaned (now with extra dust)--an item that I walk past sooooooo many times during the day--is papaw's lunchbox.  

As we go through life, it's only natural that certain items trigger thoughts or memories of certain people in our lives.  Although there are several things that remind me of papaw, this lunchbox is near the top.  I can remember seeing him walk in or out the door with this silver box.  It shows scratches and wear even after I scrubbed it, but I love its rustic, industrial look.  And I love that it makes me think of papaw.  I can picture him with his denim overalls and plaid shirt, lunchbox in hand.  What has me a bit perplexed, though, is why I would remember him with this lunchbox.  He left for work before the sun came up, so maybe I remember him coming home from work.  If that's the case, then can you imagine that the last thing he'd want to deal with or entertain after working hard all day is a grandchild(ren)? 

I haven't decided yet how this lunchbox will be displayed or used in my home, but I'm grateful for this little treasure because of the special things, times, and the man that it reminds me of.  

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