Monday, October 1, 2018


I don't get to visit aunt Betty as often as I'd like but, each time that I visit, she asks if I have finished my quilt yet.  It's getting embarrassing to tell her that I have not finished it since I started the (10 month) Block of the Month project almost four years ago.  In my defense, I have been taking my time (that's obvious) and using the contents of each month's kit but designing some of the blocks to something meaningful to me.  If I'm not mistaken, I only have one block left to complete.   

Anyway . . . it occurred to me that I should whip up a little wool appliqué project to send to aunt Betty as proof that I really do know how to use a needle and thread.  Following is a photo of the framed project and card that are going in the mail to her.  Won't she be surprised?


Stasher said...

I love the sampler and card, but especially the gesture!

Nancy Dawson said...

Love them both. Fall cards are always so colorful - God's canvas!