Sunday, January 20, 2008


Since I started this blog, my mother has told me a couple of times that "there's music on there that you're too old to listen to" or "I couldn't concentrate to read your blog because of that wild music." Apparently, the "wild" songs are the ones that always come up when she's here, but I haven't been able to turn her onto them. So . . . I spent some time this evening adding more country songs. As I searched for them, one would lead to another, and I found some older ones that I remembered hearing when I was at the age to like today's wild music. One of the songs I found, though, was one I'd never heard before . . . Tracy Lawrence's "If I Don't Make It Back." Whew! That one will give chills--if not tears! What struck a chord with me is that my neighbor is currently serving in Iraq, and his wife's name is Amy. It's a nice song so, if you're not going to be here long enough to wait for that tune to play, just scroll down to find and select it. Another great one that I had never heard before is Brad Paisley's "Letter to Me." Lord, have mercy! Who among us wouldn't agree with that one?

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