Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My sister has already had a bad week, and it's only Tuesday. Well, technically, it's Wednesday, but my Tuesday hasn't yet ended. Anyway, Renee was sick all weekend, found out on Monday that instead of teaching 2nd grade next year, she'll be teaching Kindergarten (NOT what she wanted) and, when she got home last night, she found out that her family's beloved dog, Maxx, had been fatally injured by a car. I've already made a sympathy card (of sorts) to send to her family, but this little bug is just for her . . . for the many ways she's hitting the windshield this week! But this isn't just any old bug . . . this one is complete with glittery accents and a rearview "mirror" cut from reflective paper! Thank you, Chad, for that idea! He didn't know when he suggested that the mirror be a mirror that I actually had the paper to do it! Ha! The hardest part is letting this card leave the stamp room because it's the first one that I've made with this stamp set, it's the first one I've made with the reflective paper, and it's the first one that I've colored with my new Prismacolor markers. I could have done a better job with the coloring but, for the most part, I did manage to stay inside the lines (except for a few tiny places that Chad pointed out). ;-) Oops! I almost forgot to mention . . . when Renee and I were little girls, we both enjoyed Barbies, but I also enjoyed Matchbox cars. I had quite a collection--still have some of them (the ones Chad hasn't shot w/BBs or tried to burn)--and I had a copper-colored "bug" like this one that Renee pretended was hers. I'll bet she still remembers that!

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