Thursday, June 5, 2008


Took myself shopping today--didn't find many bargains--but I did find this 4-bottle wine rack. I had to do a good amount of searching for "just the right" glasses since the "most perfect" ones were $20 each. Geez! Who needs a $20 glass???? Chad was having a "wonderful" time on the glass hunt with me . . . he was like a 4 y/o, picking up tall thin glassworks and twirling them around, stacking some of the ridiculously tall glass items, and just making me nervous. I've often wished I could press a button and enjoy his younger days in doses, and I do believe I had a dose today. He really was a big help, but he clearly was thinking of a dozen better things to be doing! On the way home, he commented that I had spent more money on the wine rack and glasses than I spent on the markers, and I said, "Honey, that's only until I buy more markers."

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