Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Oh boy! I really messed things up! I designed this brand new banner for my blog today, and I sat down with loads of confidence in my ability to get it uploaded without a hitch. I learned that, even with a lot of confidence, I should have saved the current profile--just in case. I'm quite certain this isn't the first time I've learned that lesson, but my best knowledge doesn't always present itself at the most opportune moment--sometimes it's grossly late and shows up, rubbing it's sleepy eyes as if to say, "Did you need me? Why didn't you wake me?" Argh! I remembered today that I had a LOT of trouble getting the old photo banner uploaded perfectly (after many tries), so what was that feeling of mine that I mistook for confidence? Having seen the old photo banner many times, you probably won't even miss it; however, my blog seems so impersonal without a special banner. I'll keep working on it and see what I can do, and I might even ask my computer-guru hubby to work some magic for me. I can usually find him walking around, mumbling something about how I manage to kill computers, asking how in the world do I do it and how much money would we have spent to salvage the errors of my ways (many times) if he wasn't able to fix them. I keep telling myself that he's really glad to be the super technology hero of the house and that he doesn't really mean what he mumbles. Yeah, right. I can't promise that you'll ever see this design as a banner on my blog, but I hope to get some kind of banner soon.

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