Saturday, June 27, 2009


So I hadn't been up very long this morning when a black Suburban pulled into the driveway, and the doorbell rang. Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I found Chadrick by the door waving for me to never mind--it was his friends. Huh? This early? Granted, "early" for a night owl like me isn't all that early to most people, but it was still early for 18 y/o boys to be out and about. While behind closed doors combing my hair, brushing my teeth, and getting out of my PJ's, I overheard something about "2 hours away" and "get your suit--let's go!" The next thing I knew, Chadrick popped in to tell me bye. Goodness! What did the boys from the black Suburban say to my son--who is also a night owl--to get him moving (and leaving) this early in the day? And where was his "suit?" I tried to have a conversation about where, when, how long, where's your suit, etc., but he became agitated about my 3rd degree--he was in a hurry! You know, I don't think he even knew where he was going . . . black Suburban pulls in, doorbell rings, boys seem to be in a hurry, I'm being told goodbye. I have worried all day, thinking he was going to Wet 'n Wild (that's about 2 hours away and would require a suit), and I knew he didn't have sunscreen, sunglasses, bottle of water, towel, etc., and I wasn't even sure he was wearing flip flops! He clearly had not given me enough time to think of all the things he might need. LOL! So, while he was gone, I completed a layout that I started a couple of days ago. Chadrick collaborated with me so that I could accurately include some of his "interests" at age 18. This has been such a fun project for me!!!! I'm afraid I might become a scrapper after all. Would you believe that I had just finished this layout when Chadrick walked in? How perfectly timed was that? He had not been to Wet 'n Wild, but he went to a place called Sliding Rock--and it was free. I also found out that he wasn't the only one who was abruptly awakened this morning and told to get his suit and come on. I never experienced that when I was 18 y/o, and Chadrick reminded me that it was probably because H.P. (my daddy) would not have stood for his daughter being abducted (whisked away) by friends without a clear cut plan. Who am I kidding? When my sister or I would make or take a phone call, my daddy always said, "You're not going anywhere." This was before he even knew who was on the phone--he was just getting it out there that we had no business leaving home--clear cut plan or not! LOL! So, Chadrick had a great time today and made it back in one piece . . . and announced that he was leaving for the beach on Wednesday. No, there isn't a clear cut plan--just yet. I guess I'd better get another project lined up to keep me busy! BTW, he did wear flip flops today.

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