Thursday, June 4, 2009


On Tuesday . . . two days ago . . . my Three-Tier Pop-Up Cake die arrived, and this is the third card that I've made with it! I LOVE it!!!!!! Best of all, it doesn't have to always be designed as a cake. Did you know that you can stack the layers in reverse order so that the smallest section is on the bottom and the largest is on top? It makes a really cool flower pot, among other things--
whatever your imagination can come up with! I've even seen it used to create a steam boat, which is something I want to try. This particular card, though, was planned for my class on Friday, June 12th. I think they're going to enjoy making it! ETA: Yes, this card folds almost flat, and that's the scariest part of making it--when it's time to fold. [gulp]

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