Friday, June 5, 2009


This 3-tier cake die is almost as addictive as sugar! This is my fourth project, although I haven't actually completed two of the cards--I only completed the cakes inside them. Who needs Ritalin? What I wanted to create when I started this project was a centerpiece or gift box topper--a 3-tier cake that didn't have to be folded in the center of a card. This one stands alone, although it's quite noticeably off-center on the scallop circle base. Argh! Unfortunately, since the placement of the cake is the very first step, there is no re-do! In case you're wondering why I used a gray base for the pink & white cake, this cake design wasn't the one flashing in my head that I started out to make. My intention was to make a bride & groom design with an all-white, texture embossed design, but the groom and the scallop circle base were to be cut from Brushed Silver card stock. What prompted me to make the change? I thought an eyelet border edge on pink designer paper (from the Bella Rose collection) would look nice and then, somewhere along the way, I guess I forgot all about the bride and groom. Ritalin . . . once a day or twice?

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